running shFor many, choosing running shoes may be no big deal, they just pick out whatever they think looks good or whatever they find on sale and run with them. However, many don’t realize the importance of foot health. It is on our 2 feet that we remain standing, and yet, many people take the health of their feet for granted. That said, we always have to be careful when choosing shoes for ourselves and for our children. Exercising is great and all, but you still need to look after the limbs that allow you to exercise in the first place.

Adult shoes

As someone who exercises and runs every morning, I make sure to look after my feet by buying the right type of shoes for myself. Although it may seem as though all the different trainers are okay for your feet, they are actually made specifically for different shapes of feet. You might think it’s silly, but it’s actually quite important in order to pick the perfect pair of shoes for you. Depending on the type of foot that you have, you could pick one of the 3 different types of trainers.

If you happen to have high arches, then a cushioned shoe, which has a soft midsole, will work for you. If you happen to have flat feet or low arches, then shoes with maximum support and motion-control features are recommended for you. Lastly, if your feet have a neutral arch, then shoes with the right balance of support and cushioning is the one for you.

of Course another thing to consider is protection post running. I like using calf sleeves to help my sore legs recover after any running

Another important thing that you have to remember is that even adult feet grow. And so, measure your feet properly before you go to buy another pair of shoe and shop at the end of the day when your feet are swollen (yes, your feet swell throughout the day), as that will ensure a perfect fit.

Children shoes

Child running shoesChildren shoes can be a little tricky to buy. I remember buying shoes for my children when I decided to take them running with me, it wasn’t easy. You need to buy the right type of shoe for your child so that his/her feet can grow properly. If the right type of shoes are not used, your child can develop foot deformities. For growing children, make sure to buy shoes with thick soles, no matter the material.

Thick soles will help protect your child’s feet, and they are useful in every weather, as there will be no risk of your child slipping on the snow or the rain again. One more thing, ensure that the sole is flexible, and this is important, as you have to make sure that your child is comfortable walking in his/her shoes.

One very important thing that you should keep in mind. Make sure that your children’s shoes do not have heels, as they will cause your child to walk on his/her toes, tightening the heel cords, and that is not a good thing.

That said, one should not get so lost in the details that it sucks all the fun out of it. Shoe shopping alone or with your kids could be a great, relaxing outing, so make the most of it. Happy shopping!

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