Fetting fit running

Realization I was Unfit

I knew I had to do something. I had had it! I wanted to go back to my old weight and just feel healthy again. I was starting to feel like a simple glass of water would cause me to put on some pounds! I realized that my weight had been going up and I needed to get a hold of my diet and exercise bar in order to ensure that I not only gain control of my weight, but also lead a healthy lifestyle. I started reading up on what exercises are best for weight loss and healthy living. Across the board, the searches showed one common result: cardio! Any expert will tell you that walking and running are the best possible workouts, as they give the full body a workout.

Choosing the Treadmill

I was determined to get my workout going! I was highly motivated and decided I would walk every day; whether it is walking to school, to the local shop to do grocery shopping or just for a leisurely walk. After a week or two of walking in my neighborhood, I seemed to be losing my zeal. I couldn’t seem to push myself to get out and walk the hour that most dieticians recommend. This wasn’t working; I had to do something to push myself further. And so, I went and joined the local gym.


treadmill to marathon

Once I got myself on the treadmill, there was no stopping me! When I got to see for myself how many kilometers I was running, and more importantly, I was able to keep track of how many calories I was burning, it was motivation like no other! I found myself going back day after day to push myself further and turn up the speed every time. You could run 3-4 kilometers within minutes and not have to worry about on goers staring at you or watching you fall in the middle of the road! That’s when the realization hit home: I needed to get myself a treadmill! To have such a machine at home was too great a luxury to miss out on. I set out researching which treadmill would best fit my budget and give me a good deal.


After buying the treadmill, I realized what a great bargain it had been! I no longer needed to spend my money on the gym every month; I had my complete workout plan under my roof. The best part is having one machine give you a complete workout, focusing on all the parts of the body. Not only could I work out whenever I wanted, my other family members could also workout too. We were on our way to becoming a healthier and a fitter family!


I could now prepare for a marathon, just by making sure to catch a run on the treadmill before heading out to school or work, or I could simply get on the treadmill and run away my stress! It felt so good. I couldn’t get my head around why I hadn’t bought myself a treadmill long before!



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