The ‘Uncool’ Parent

Being a mother is no easy task; it’s far from it. Your whole life revolves around your children and getting them what they need. Cooking, cleaning, teaching, counseling, and a whole line of other things that would probably be too much to even mention. At times, you feel like you are losing yourself in the midst of raising human beings who would soon contribute to the world at large. To top it off, at the end of the day, your kids think you are so outdated and ‘un-cool.’ I wasn’t going to allow it.

Being the ‘uncool’ mother was not acceptable to me. More than their appreciation, I wanted to relate to my children and have them remember me for being the mother who was ‘there’ for them, not just glued to the kitchen. I needed to have an exceptional relationship with my children, not just any mom-child relationship.

So, I started thinking- what could I do to get my children off their backs, away from technology, and the unhealthy lifestyles that we had become so accustomed to leading? I wasn’t going to allow myself to be reeled into their tech crazy worlds in order to get their attention and time. I needed to do something fun, exciting, and oh yes, active! That’s when it hit me! I needed to go running with my kids!Jogging Stroller

The first thing I needed was a jogging stroller, so I started some research into the best jogging strollers.

Running with my Children

At first, my kids were skeptical. I mean, come on, mom couldn’t possibly run with them or worse- out-run them. I challenged them to start running with me. I have to admit, initially, the incentives had to be there. I had to reward them by allowing them to get off doing chores for the day or offer other lucrative incentives. Yes, I admit, sometimes I had to put down my guard a bit!

We had to choose out the right outfits and head off to the neighborhood park twice a week. At the beginning, I was gasping and panting. It felt like my organs would fall out! My kids had me going. As the days went by, I came to a realization- it wasn’t the fact that I was becoming healthier and getting myself back into shape that was the bliss of running with my children, it was something far greater.

It was something that I had been craving for a long time and was unsure of how to get- it was the special bonding and connection I felt with my children, a mutual understanding on their level that had me mesmerized. The laughs, giggles, falls, and races. I didn’t need the latest tabs, phones, games, or gig to bond with my children. The simple act of running and challenging ourselves to reach greater heights was enough to create bridges that I never thought were possible to create with my kids. The wall that had started forming between us had now slowly started crumbling away.

I was left wondering: why I hadn’t started running with them earlier?

Image: CC Licence by CNDY

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